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Community Health Net offers a range of healthcare services for newborn through geriatric patients, regardless of your ability to pay. We are all part of this community. And we all deserve quality healthcare. No matter our age, race, or income. That is why Community Health Net is here. To provide everyday people with extraordinary care.

To schedule an appointment, or to find out just how we care for you, call (814) 455-7222 or visit us today.

What Our Patients Are Saying

5 Stars

Apr 20, 2021

I most recently went for the c19 shot and the lady in reception was awesome. For any adults who are embarrassingly scared of needles (such as myself) someone like her and the ladies who administered the vaccine sure make it easier. When I was a patient there I remember the staff similarly as being very friendly, which is so important in that profession. Sadly, not many places have that. In addition to being friendly they seem to know their stuff as well.
5 Stars

Apr 18, 2021

I been going here for over 20 years , I have a great caring doctor and nurse who work hard to get things done. I know some of you may say otherwise but it works for me, having the pharmacy there is a plus. Con would be parking and older building that is too small for the work they do.
5 Stars

Apr 16, 2021

Dr leonard and staff are simply top notch. They are courteous, patient, and most accommodating. They deliver on the in depth knowledge of their patients. I believe that health care should be the standard set in this place. Top notch my peoples.
5 Stars

Mar 5, 2021

Kelly H in Dental. I had called from another Dental office I had a child in need. Without a thought, you said yes we can see them you and your Doctor do not know how much that’s appreciated!
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Does the COVID vaccine research reflect the needs of communities of color?

Does the COVID vaccine research reflect the needs of communities of color?

“The NIH set up five different panels of scientists based on they have an African American, they have a Latinx, they have one that deals with geriatric patients, and the Veterans Administration patients and then other Indigenous groups. And they set that up so that we would be able to see the phase one and the phase two data that led to the phase three trial.

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