Lynn Denning: A Healthcare Hero Passionate about Helping People

Written by DaWayne Cleckley for Community Health Net

Lynn Denning is the Medical Services Coordinator at Community Health Net, having joined the organization in 2022. She is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the medical offices, along with monitoring the organization’s LPN and medical assistants. Lynn’s passion for helping people is rooted in her family’s history of volunteering in the community.

Lynn Denning, LPN
Lynn Denning, LPN

“I was a preschool teacher; a child counselor at the Safe Net,” Lynn recalled her past experiences. However, it was her grandmother’s illness that made her realize her calling. “I realized at that moment that I could take care of people,” she said. Lynn’s passion for helping people goes back to her childhood when her family frequently volunteered in the community. “During high school, I volunteered at the food bank and helped with hurricane relief efforts down south,” she added.

Lynn began her nursing career in 2008 as an LPN in the acute care department at Abbington Crest Nursing Home. She worked her way up to become an Infection Control and Staff Development Nurse, earning a certification as an Infection Preventionist through the CDC. “We had a lot of staff come and go due to COVID burnout. That meant cooking meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner for patients,” Lynn said, describing the challenges she faced during the pandemic.

Lynn was diagnosed with two types of cancer, and after a year of treatment and surgery, she was eager to find a job that would allow her to continue helping people. Fortunately, a position became available at Community Health Net, an organization that helps the underserved population in the community. “I looked at the mission and what they did for the community. I saw that they helped the underserved. I saw it as a huge opportunity to serve the community again. It’s a big change from nursing home, but I love it here,” she shared.

In her role at Community Health Net, Lynn mentors the nursing staff, ensuring that they treat everyone with empathy and understanding, making a difference in their lives every day. “I want to make sure our staff treats patients how they would like to be treated. That’s the most important thing we can do,” she said.

Lynn enjoys spending time with her family and friends at her camp in the Alleghany Mountains, where she kayaks and bonds with her loved ones. When asked where she sees the community in 5 years, Lynn expressed her hope to see a healthier community that is full of understanding and empathy for the underserved and those with mental health issues. “I want to see people come together and help each other,” she concluded.

Lynn Denning is a healthcare hero who is dedicated to helping people in need. Her passion for helping others stems from her family’s history of volunteering in the community and her own experiences as a nurse. Her hard work and dedication have made her an essential member of the team at Community Health Net, where she is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

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