PA Department of Health Identifies Community Health Net as “Best-in-Class Equity Performer”

COVID-19 vaccinations on par or in greater proportions to county racial/ethnic minority.

Erie, Pa. – April 28, 2021 – Community Health Net (CHN), the leading Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) serving the Lake Erie region, announced it was named “Best-in-Class Equity Performer” by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  The designation, issued by Parker Beene, Executive Advisor, Secretary of Health,  states that CHN facilities are vaccinating on par or in greater proportions to Erie County’s racial/ethnic minority populations.  The conclusion is an affirmation of Community Health Net’s efforts to distribute doses of the COVID-19 vaccine throughout the region equitably.

“This recognition is aligned with our mission to improve the quality of life in our region by providing professional healthcare services with compassion, respect, and dignity to all,“ said Craig Ulmer, CEO of Community Health Net.  “It highlights the success, tremendous work, and positive impact of distributing vaccines equitably to our community by the CHN team during this public health crisis.“

To distribute its Moderna supply equitably, Community Health Net focused on reaching out to minority populations through dialogue and engagement with community leaders and influencers.  The health center also used targeted efforts through flyers, mailings, and other media channels to inform individuals while providing easy access to online registration for the vaccine.  Additionally, CHN maintained open communication channels with state and federal agencies while providing consistent availability to community members throughout the crisis.

“We are proud of Community Health Net and excited by this designation and what it means for the people of Erie.  It is a testimonial to the resolve of our health centers to help ensure equitable health outcomes for all of our communities,” said Cheri Rinehart, President & Chief Executive Officer of the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers.  The organization is the state primary care association (PCA) for community health centers, serving more than 900,000 patients annually at 300-plus sites in underserved rural and urban areas. “This finding is reflective of our commitment to provide affordable, quality health care for all by supporting the largest network of primary health care providers in the commonwealth.”

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